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Build order: Zerg vs Terran All-In

By: Jared “Jardozer” Collins

This build is a pretty common build that revolves around a quick win with heavy roach, ling and baneling pressure. The best way to execute this build order is to deny scouting for as long as possible until you have units streaming across the map. So I’ll explain in minor detail while giving you the build order.


 Build order:

  • 9 Overlord
  • 15 hatch
  • 16 gas, once gas is finished saturate
  • 15 pool
  • 17 overlord
  • 18/19 Zerglings
  • 21 queen
  • 23 queen
At this point if he went reapers they should be in your base doing some work. Try to defend as best as possible with minimal losses, try not to lose any lings as these are vital later on, with the queens you can poke away at the reapers but make sure they don’t scout your main if possible, constant injects are required as well.
  • 28 roach warren
  • 28 overlord x2
  • 28-44 Roachs


At this point if you’ve larva injected properly once the overlords pop you’ll have enough minerals and gas to build 8 roaches, make sure that his hellions or anything scouting don’t see these roaches till you’re at his front door.
  • 44 overlord
  • 44 baneling nest
  • 44-52 lings


Your 4 initial lings will turn into banes to bust down the bunker or supply depots blocking the Terran base at this point you want to flood lings across the map, building banes whenever is possible and also kiting the hellions with your roaches. You can then push into his main with 5-6 more banes and just win at this point. Try to do optimal damage and just keep going till he is dead.
Jardozer is an up and coming StarCraft 2 professional from Salt Lake City, UT. He writes about StarCraft 2 for ProGamerHub and has also just started his own team. You can follow him at Twitter or his team at Team Twitter.