Battlefield 4: Spectator Mode


The Battlefield series was one of the largest shooters in personal computer gaming back in the day. Since the release of Battlefield: Bad Company on consoles however, the series has changed its brand image dramatically. Now the sequence of games which are given the Battlefield name by the producers at DICE have their own, unique console fan base. Over the past few years, the progression of the Battlefield titles has also provided for a strong progression in popularity for the games. There are many who have claimed that the Battlefield series rivals that of the Call of Duty series. Although they aren’t truly rivaling such a storied console franchise such as Call of Duty, Battlefield has seen an immense amount of growth within its last few years.

Recently, the Battlefield 4 Beta was released to the public by download on either the Xbox Live Marketplace, the Playstation Network, or Steam (PC). Thousands of fans immediately jumped at the opportunity to play the beta version of the game, and it has seemed to be a great marketing scheme by DICE. Days ago, developers of Battlefield 4 released a blog post in which they provided a walk through as to how you may utilize their newest feature: spectator mode. They’ve also made it very clear this new aspect of the game which they’ve implemented will be quite helpful to all kinds of gamers.




Now, you may be thinking that spectator mode is not a revolutionary factor by any means seeing as games such as the Call of Duty series have had the feature for many years. However, the Battlefield 4 spectator mode is a little different. As opposed to simply being forced to switch between first and third person view (and free view when enabled in private settings), DICE has brought forth two new camera modes. The “Tabletop” and “Freecam” views will provide for a lot of interesting game play with the utilization of the features. The Tabletop view allows for competitors to have a commander’s view of the battle, whereas the Freecam view gives the user five cameras were are already stationed throughout the map, and can be used as something comparable to a security system.

Our goal has been to give spectators the best possible views of the Battlefield, and the ability to quickly switch between both camera types and players – without toggling through an entire team to get what they want,” DICE writes on the EA blog. They go on to say, ”While no one can say exactly when, we at DICE are convinced that e-sports will someday become the most popular sport on the planet, and we’d like Battlefield to be one of the games that makes that happen.” So, what do you think of the feature? Do you believe it is a good idea or that it should be modified to a certain extent? Let us know in the comments section below!


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