How much do Pro Gamers make Streaming with Subscribers?

Optic Nadeshot

My last post was created when was just taking over the streaming network and was just on it’s way out.  For that reason I there was a crucial peice of information missing from the amount of money that could be made from streaming.  This is SUBSCRIBERS!   Advertising Just to reiterate a little […]

How Many Views Does it Take to Make Money on YouTube?


This seems to be a common question among the everyday person and gamers wanting to start a YouTube channel.  I would like to start by saying I highly recommend a YouTube channel, but also wouldn’t immediately assume it to be the number one source for your income, because this generally isn’t the case.  YouTube is […]

Highest Paying Gaming Tournament – TO DATE!


So what is the highest paying gaming tournament to date?  Better question, why were you not a part of it?  Well those are both good questions but I only have the answer to one of them.  The highest paid gaming tournament was held for Dota 2, with 1.42 million dollars on the line.  The lucky […]

How much do Pro Gamers make?


I think the best way for me to explain the amount a pro gamer makes is by giving you a decent analogy. If you were going to apply for a sales job, any sales job, and you wanted to know your salary, chances are they might tell you it could be an infinite amount. The […]

How much do Pro Gamers make Streaming?

YHROX,, Sponsorship’s and Affiliates Just to start, I know people are making upwards of $2,000 to $3,000 a week just off streaming alone, and I also know other people who have made over $10,000 from affiliates, and tons of money from sponsorship’s (which come in way to many forms to name here). There are […]