Twitch Dress Code – Cracking down on Explicit Content in their Rules of Conduct


Not sure if you’ve read the Rules of Conduct on recently, or at all for that matter, but they’ve just decided to amp it up a bit.  If you’re on this site, you obviously know what is and I don’t have to waste any time explaining.  You also probably know that the live streamers […]

Acting like Streaming and/or YouTube are ALREADY your Jobs


Something that I always notice is the fact that people begin streaming and working on YouTube channels without putting in much effort.  Sure, starting is GREAT, and there’s never a better time to start then right this second, but if you’re going to start, it’s better to do it right.  Every time someone comes into […]

PGH 006 – Introductions Are in Order


Podcast: Play in new window | Download Finally, the day has come where we collaborated and added in some Co-Hosts!  Meet Nik and Coop!  We had some quality issues going on at some parts, and for that I apologize, but we will definitely have those sorted out by next week!  This shows more of an […]

Posting your Channel to Reddit and Forums


Regardless of if you’re looking to post a YouTube channel, stream, website, or anything else in promotion or to advertise yourself. there are certain ways that will get people to click.  We always talk about being different and unique and this is no different.  If everyone out there is telling people to click their stream […]

Streaming: Green Screen vs No Green Screen


This is a topic that has been brought up on some of the episodes of the podcast so far.  If you missed episode 4: “PGH 004 – Avid Twitch User – A Viewers Perspective”, I suggest going back and giving it a listen being that you are obviously interested in this type of optimization if you […]