My Podcast Gear (Microphone and Goodies!)


I won’t lie…I have a pretty awesome Podcast set up now!  I also have an AWESOME headset that can change my voice and do all sorts of cool things that I basically no longer use (because I’m in love with my Microphone!).  Some people were asking what mic I use, and for some other podcast […] Testing and Our First LIVE Podcast Episode Announcement


Just starting this article I will say that it’s most likely going to be more of a blog post mixed in with some testing that I have been doing the past couple of days.  So as you guys already know I have multiple accounts on Twitch that I’ve used to test ways to grow a following […]

What game should you be streaming?


This is a bit of a complex topic.  There are a bunch of different situations to think about when making this decision.  For the most part, many gamers have one specific game that they love playing.  Of course gamers love gaming, which means a lot of them, if not all of them, love a bunch […]

Making time for Streaming and YouTube


This question was asked on one of the surveys I sent out during the newsletter.  Now that I think about it, it’s odd that I never covered this.  Obviously there aren’t many people who are going to be able to drop everything and suddenly have the chance to dive head first into streaming or YouTube. […]

How to get viewers to engage in Twitch chat


One thing that is very important is being able to engage with your audience.  Having that audience chat back with you is almost just as important, if not more.  Some viewers will come into a channel and really like the streamer, but become bored if there is no one else to talk to in chat. […]

PGH 009 – Where Art Thou Servers?


This weeks episode we get to chat with Nik and Ryan Kirby again!  Sure, they weren’t on the same episode before, but pairing the two together makes for some really good conversation.  We chat about servers, servers and some more servers!  So much has been going on with eSports and Gaming that we have more […]

How do you get a job in eSports?


I think this is a question everyone passionate about eSports is asking.  Regardless of if you’re a Gamer trying to make money as a Streamer, YouTuber, or some other ways; getting a job in eSports may be the next best thing.  I love eSports, and if you’re reading this, you most likely do as well. […]

Top 10 YouTube Gamers


It’s been a while since we’ve done an article on YouTube.  The reason for that would most likely be because we feel there is just so much other resources out there that is able to help you, but recently we’ve actually got a lot of questions.  To start what we believe will be much more […]

Will WoW [World of Warcraft] be able to break into eSports?


This is something that I’ve brought up in a couple of Podcast episodes, but one that I most enjoyed the conversation was the most recent one with Ryan Kirby in Episode 8.  Obviously WoW is HUGE.  There’s no denying that.  I have been playing since Vanilla and I am also obsessed, and as I’m writing […]

How to stream from a Mac [OBS Tutorial Video]

mac stream tutorial

There are a bunch of people who have been asking me for this tutorial and I try explaining that it’s not that hard, but I finally gave in and decided to make it.  Some of you may say, “DON’T DO IT!!!”, and you may be right in some cases, but hey, it’s possible which makes […]