Review: Corsair Gaming K70 Mechanical Keyboard

I’ll tell you what.  I love this keyboard.  There are some occasions that it might get a bit loud, but other then that I really have no complaints.  It has 8 customizable buttons and continues to impress me! When I first got it I had no idea what I would… Review: Corsair Gaming K70 Mechanical […]

Top 5 Earning Pro Gaming League of Legends Teams

Number One: Samsung You may be thinking to yourself “Hey, wait a minute! There’s multiple Samsung teams! This isn’t fair!” Well, don’t worry about it, because Samsung has managed to pull in the most earnings as a League of Legends squad in as little as 8 tournaments!!!  Completely destroying some of their other competitors for […]

You’re an Entertainer – Take Pride in that

This isn’t a post about learning, but more of a reminder and eye opener. I wanted to remind you all that you’re entertainers and you should take pride in what you do, and what you’re striving for.  Strollin’ through my Twitter the other day I came across a post from Summit1G.  There’s also the links to […]

Video Blog 4 – User Engagement in your Chat Room

The reason this Vlog is a bit late is because it pertains directly to the Epic Quest to Partner weekly recap that I posted for last week. User engagement is something that streamers can have an issue with regardless of where they’re at in their streaming journey.  I’m thankful for the viewers that come into […]

Easy Green Screen Options for Streaming

Any edge you can give yourself against the next streamer is one that you should take. A lot of people have asked me how hard it is to set up a green screen, and the truth is: it completely depends on your situation.  Do you have a big wall behind you that you can simply […]

Twitch 24 Hour Stream Recap – The Dos and Don’ts

I made it through my first 24 Hour Stream…!   For those of you who stopped by and watched, and even said hello, thanks!  I definitely appreciated and needed that.  The numbers and overall goal for the stream was fantastic!  I want to eventually go over some numbers, but I will list stats on separate […]

Video Blog 3 – Follower and Donation Alerts on Stream

Who doesn’t love alerts on stream? I had a little fun making this one, and unfortunately the recording from OBS didn’t come out that well, but I wanted to share it anyways.  Mostly because the only issue is that my face is all blurred, and let’s be honest….you guys don’t care! Here are the sites/plugins […]

6 Reasons Why you don’t have Viewers Watching your Twitch Stream

Regardless of if you’re a brand new streamer or not, there could be some reasons that you’re not getting viewers watching your Twitch stream.  In the past I’ve done testing with HitBox and even other stream sites and the obvious result (even before the test) was that Twitch has a much better ability to give you […]