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Recent Articles


When is it okay to stream a New or Hyped game?

You’ve probably scrolled down the Twitch.tv homepage and seen a new game with TONS of viewers, surpassing the normal leading games even.  Next thing to go through your mind is “Holy cr*p!  I should be streaming that!!!”.  (And if it’s not, whatever dude, just go with it for a second)  The question is, should you […]


League of Legends Streams – Crushing the Leaderboards

Whens the last time you took a look at the top followed channels on Twitch?  If you took a second to think about what each channel streams, you’d realize that half of the Top 20 Channels stream League of Legends.  Let’s take a look at them below. RankUserFollowers 1justin3,783,4702syndicate1,441,6533riotgames1,243,2244captainsparklez843,8805PhantomL0rd711,6356Nightblue3703,1817tsm_bjergsen694,1598tsm_theoddone686,0389LIRIK645,53310Tsm_dyrus634,81411trick2g629,11612sodapoppin623,21913sivhd599,97914goldglove591,68915summit1g540,94916imaqtpie540,55317iijeriichoii483,03818flosd476,89619PewDiePie452,85920mushisgosu441,819 We talk a lot about how […]


Twitch Emotes – Do you know all of them?

Do you have any idea how many emotes there are on Twitch?….   Take a random guess. There are more than 10,000 emotes on Twitch now! Holy sh*t!  How could you possibly be able to know what each emote is? Well, you couldn’t possibly do that, so Twitch decided to make it easy on you. […]



Interview: Brittany – Full Time Twitch Streamer and Student

  What is your name? Brittany Where do you make money gaming? Streaming on Twitch at Twitch.tv/Brittany What games do you play/stream? League of Legends, Minecraft, Ocarina of Time (speedruns) and some Hearthstone How many followers do you have? 40,000 and growing! How long have you been streaming? A little over 2 years now How […]


Interview: Maldiva the Top Ranked Warlock

What is your name? Mike Montaperto aka “Maldiva” What do you play? World of Warcraft PvP as a Warlock How do you make money playing video games? Twitch Streaming, WoW Tournaments and for a short time even video guides How many followers/subscribers do you have on Twitch and YouTube? I have over 25,000 followers on […]